What We Do

Stop Leaving Voicemail

Meet Maria. 

As part of Maria's job she makes mental health referrals for five to six people a week. She doesn't mind doing it. In fact she enjoys helping people in the community. The problem though is that over 30% of the time when she calls an agency she ends up having to leave a voicemail.

Which means that she has to stop working on that referral and go do something else. Can we think of ten things that will get in the way of Maria being able to finish that referral? There are always emergencies that pop up. Maria just wants to get her client seen as soon as possible. She doesn't want to have to play phone tag to get it done. 

Start Getting Patients Seen

Social Worker Connect is a web application that organizes the referral process for the mental health industry. It allows case managers and people making referrals to complete a referral 24 hours a day from a PC or a tablet. Agencies are able to receive referrals and manage their wait-lists online.

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Who Is Using Our System

We know that it can be scary to use new technology. We understand that you probably need to get approval from your manager in order to change the process. You should feel comfortable using our system. All of the agencies that are on our system are asking to receive their online referrals through us. That is why social workers from all over have started using our system. 

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